5 Ways to Improve Your Blog


I feel sort of funny offering blog improvement advice when I’ve been blogging for just over a year, and am by no means an expert. However, I have been spending a lot of time lately not only trying to step up my game regarding future content, but also thinking about things I can do to better my blog, even if I can’t post new content on a particular day.

It used to be that if I didn’t have new content, I just wouldn’t touch my blog that day. Not anymore! I’ve really been trying to push myself to do something with my blog each day, because I know that if I better allocate my time and stay motivated, I could really take this passion of mine to the next level. Therefore, I’ve been making small improvements, changes, and updates here and there.


Below is the list of 5 things I’ve been focusing on to improve my blog that may help you take yours to the next level as well! (Let me know if you do other things that I didn’t include!)

  • Add newer, better photos: I have some posts that are in desperate of better photos. I’m still not super camera savvy, but I’m quickly learning the importance of natural lighting and shooting in manual.
  • Update links: This can be super tedious, but it’s also super important. I know that when I read blogs and I want something featured in the post, I appreciate when there are accurate, up to date links. Links to similar, more financially friendly options are also appreciated, and I’m definitely going to sit down one day and give my links some TLC. (I’d also love to find out how to get a little slide show of product pictures in my posts…I always think that looks so good and professional!)
  • Beef up the SEO: I know this is an area I need to work on. SEO (search engine optimization) is way, way important. You’ve worked super hard on your blog posts, edited the perfect pictures, written a witty description, so now you of course want them to be easily found! A couple ways to beef up the SEO in your posts would be to incorporate keywords into your titles and throughout your post, and in photo captions (I’m super guilty of leaving the names of my photos as JPEG_1067…do as I say, not as I do!), and also by linking relevant content in your posts!
  • Spell and grammar check…again: Personally, I find nothing more embarrassing than when I find a post with a typo in it. Especially when I could swear up and down that I read it over  6 times, 2 times out loud. It never hurts to re-read posts and update them if you find mistakes.
  • Re-share old content: I don’t like to make a habit of this, but sometimes if I don’t have a new post, I’ll try and give an older post some attention on my various social media sites. This helps to get older content that may have been posted when you had a smaller following back into the spotlight, and it may even garner the attention of new readers!