Ways to Disconnect and Unplug


Raise your hand if the first thing you do when you wake up, and the last thing you do before you go to bed involves your phone? *reluctantly raises hand, slightly embarrassed*

Technology is definitely something that has quickly been integrated into our daily lives, and with internet capable devices becoming smaller and more portable, social media, email, and YouTube are now more easily accessible than ever before.

While the internet certainly has a place in our lives, I’d argue that sometimes it dictates our lives. I’ve been challenging myself to disconnect and unplug for a certain amount of time each day, and I challenge you to do the same. It’s definitely not always easy, but I’ve found some things that are helping me to become less dependent on my devices, and more skilled at living in the moment.


  • Keep it out of reach: Don’t check your phone, or other devices, first thing in the morning. Resist! Instead, hop out of bed and straight into your morning routine. I promise you’ll be amazed at much faster you get your day started when you’re not falling into a rabbit hole of Facebook posts and Twitter notifications.
  • Work out: Ditch the cell and hit the gym. Okay, okay…you can bring it along for music! Try and block out 30-60 minutes to work out and focus on improving yourself through activity. Take a walk, lift weights, take a zumba class, whatever interests you! Trading internet time for a work out is a perfect way to disconnect, and wisely use the time you would normally be surfing the web.
  • Write out your plans for the day: You know how I feel about lists and planning. I live for planning. Writing out what you need to do means you can prioritize tasks and better budget your time. This goes for online tasks, too! I find if I just sit down in front of the computer with no plans, I end up online shopping instead of checking work email. Have a plan, and stick to it. Set a timer and force yourself to hop offline once the time is up.
  • Curl up with a good book: Books, in my opinion, are irreplaceable. As much as I love binge watching a good Netflix show, nothing beats a good read. Read a couple chapters while your devices charge, or maybe make it a goal to read before bed instead of looking at your phone. You could also encourage a friend or family member to read the same book, and discuss your thoughts once you finish!
  • Plan a lunch date: Texting has taken the place of a lot of human interaction. Plan a lunch date, and make a pact to leave the phones off the table.
  • Change it up: It’s like a lunch date, but next level. Find a friend or two, or heck go by yourself, but plan to do something a bit out of the ordinary. See that band that’s coming into town, or take in the limited time exhibit at the art museum, or do something seasonal like go to a pumpkin patch, or ice skating. Make it a priority to make and truly experience memories, not just view them on social media.
  • Create something: We get so caught up with the internet, we forget to use our hands. Don’t be a mere consumer of all the things the internet has to offer, be a producer. Paint, bake, construct, sew, glue, draw, braid, make over, DO. Trade in some time surfing the web for some time crafting. Trust me, it’s super therapeutic, and you may just find a new hobby!


  1. Natalie | 21st Jan 17

    Great post! It’s certainly healthy to use your time wisely and take time off to spend with family and friends rather than being glued to our screens 24/7!

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