Perforated Vans: My New Favorite Kicks


I think we can all agree that the story of Cinderella taught us a seriously important lesson; shoes can change your life. Recently, Christmas morning to be exact, I added a new pair of shoes to my collection that has since been a total game changer. It wasn’t a pair of red-soled heels, or even a trendy fur lined slide. Nope, the shoes that recently changed my fashion life were a total blast from my past-slide on Vans.

Yes, believe it or not, high school Molly endured a short punk rock phase during which time she listened to Green Day on repeat, over-lined her eyes, and rocked a pair of pink and black checkered Vans. I swore I would never own another pair because I’m past that awkward phase in my life (thank you, Jesus!), but then Vans introduced a black perforated version which totally caught the eye of twenty something-professional Molly.

Holy cow, you guys. These shoes. Under 60 bucks, beyond comfortable, and super sleek and on trend. Have you added them to your cart yet?


Leggings (LuluLemon)//Shoes (Vans)//Denim Shirt (Calson, color not available; similar linked)//Bag (Louis Vuitton)