Wedding Wednesdays: A Wedding Ready Smile with Smile Brilliant + Giveaway


This post is in collaboration with Smile Brilliant

I’m going to be completely honest, not long after I got engaged (I’m talking like later that same day) I began planning. It’s in my DNA to be organized, proactive, and well, prepared. I immediately began thinking about venues, and dresses, and who to invite, and how I thought my hair should look-and OHMYGAWD …I have to tone up, I have to be tan, I have to have white teeth!

The toning up thing takes time, dedication, and discipline (I’m happy to report I’m on the right track!), but thanks to Smile Brilliant, a whiter smile is almost too easy. Smile Brilliant differs from other whitening kits and products, because it’s made custom for your teeth and it combats sensitivity. Strips and generic trays don’t always fit properly, and therefore results as compromised. With Smile Brilliant, the perfect smile begins with a mold of your mouth, so an individualized tray can be made especially for you!

Smile Brilliant kits also include desensitizing gel which can be used between treatments. So, if sensitive teeth have kept you from whitening your teeth, Smile Brilliant has got you covered! This system is designed to diminish tooth sensitivity, re-mineralize and replenish teeth, and also prevent re-staining.


Oh, and getting your custom fitting trays is as easy as mix, push, time, dry!

Smile Brilliant sends out a fool proof kit with detailed instructions that help you to get your whitening journey off the ground ASAP!


You simply mix the catalyst and base pastes together until the mixture is blue with no white streaks, pack the putty mixtures into one of the blue plastic trays, and push it against either your top and bottom teeth. Next, you hold the tray in place for about 2 minutes, and gently pull it from your teeth. Set the mold aside to dry, and repeat for either the top or bottom! After allowing the molds to dry over night, they are ready to ship, and your custom trays will come right to your door step, ready to use!

Fool proof, right!? And in the instance you do make a mistake, Smile Brilliant’s customer service is top notch! They include both an extra catalyst paste and base paste in case of mishaps, and upon receiving your molds, they will send out more materials if they are unable to use them to make your custom tray.





I began using the Smile Brilliant whitening system as soon as I received my custom trays. Smile Brilliant recommends whitening anywhere from 45 minutes to a couple of hours, and around a time you won’t be eating, so I worked teeth whitening into my nightly routine. I pop in my whitening trays, spread with the whitening gel, and answer emails, remove my makeup, make my lunch for work the next day, etc. It’s awesome because I’m getting little task-y have-to-get-done-things accomplished, but also making a difference in the appearance of my smile! Two birds, one stone.

After only a couple of months, and 2 syringes of the whitening gel (this stuff seriously lasts forever!) here are my results:





(Check out more results HERE and HERE)

Impressive, don’t you think!? If so, I  would love for you to try it for yourself! Smile Brilliant is offering 5% off with the code: seemollyblog at checkout.

But, wait! THERE’S MORE!!! Smile Brilliant is also offering the chance to win a FREE WHITENING KIT to one lucky See Molly Blog winner! To enter, click this giveaway link, and leave your name and email address. Easy, right!?

**The giveaway will be open for 2 weeks after the original date of this post (last date: 3/22) and the winner will be contacted directly and given a store credit for $139.95, and FREE US Shipping)**

Wishing everyone the best of luck!!!




Thank you so much to Smile Brilliant for sending me their teeth whitening system to test out for myself. As always, all opinions are my own.