Yelton Fine Jewelers x Simon G. Passport for World Travel

This past Friday, I had the pleasure of attending an event, Passport for World Travel with Simon G., at Yelton Fine Jewelers in West Chester, Ohio. I had been a customer of this jeweler before, and was beyond flattered to be invited to a really unique event featuring the amazing designs and pieces of Simon G.


Simon G. brought an extensive assortment of gems and jewels from all over the world, and he was kind enough to take the time to navigate me through the collection and his designs. The concept of the event, was to take time to appreciate, and explore a variety of gems, and the exotic places they come from. Often times we immediately notice the beauty of gems and jewels, but we don’t take the time to learn their story.

For instance, I learned about stones I had never even heard of before, Paraiba (one of the most rare and sought after stones in the world… who knew!?) and Watermelon Tourmaline, a stone with a vibrant gradient of pinks and greens. Simon took the time to explain where these gems are mined, when they were first discovered, and how various natural factors impact their color and hue.

Simon also walked me through various designs that he himself was hands-on in creating. That’s what struck me about Simon the most-he is still so involved in every stage of the creation process.

He sorts through and selects the best gems, he sketches designs, he takes suggestions from customers for what to create next, and he is so, so enthusiastic about every. single. aspect. His personality, and his passion for what he does was so refreshing and inspiring!


(Wearing as much Watermelon Tourmaline as possible! Look at that ring!)


(Sorry for the tiny, awkward sized photos-they were from my phone)




Of course while I was there, I explored the rest of what Yelton Fine Jewelers has to offer! It’s no surprise that the engaged-wedding-planning-bride-to-be was immediately drawn to the amazing engagement ring and wedding band selection! In addition to carrying Simon G., Tacori, and Hearts on Fire, Yelton also has a gorgeous selection of their own designs. One was more beautiful than the next! (No worries Ted, my ring will always be my most favorite! #biased)

In addition to wedding rings, Yelton Fine Jewelers has just about everything else you could possibly want-loose gems, earrings, pendants, and most importantly the most helpful, and enjoyable staff to assist with all of your jewelry needs and any questions you may have. Seriously though, the staff made me feel so very welcomed, which is saying a lot, because I can be very awkward around new people haha! I could see myself going back to Yelton just to chit-chat and catch up with their staff! They’re the sweetest!




One other feature of the jewelry store that really caught my attention was Room 750.


This room is a newer addition to the store that features a rotating assortment of fine jewelry with a great purpose. Each piece sold from this room benefits a specific charity that Yelton supports. The vibe is that of a musem, but the jewelry and decorations change quarterly (it’s currently decorated in a rock n’roll theme), and the pieces are of the highest quality.

 I love that Yelton gives back, and the pieces in this room were to die for. Seriously, if anyone wants to buy me the yellow ring, I won’t stop you.



Although the Simon G. event is over, I urge you to stop by Yelton for all your jewelry needs- don’t forget Mother’s day is coming up!!! (I gotchu, moms!)


Thank you so very much to Yelton Fine Jewelers for inviting me to this amazing event! As always, all opinions are my own.