April Favorites: 2017


Honestly, April was a whirlwind (I should really take a personal day for my own sanity, but I’m too stubborn!), and I feel like I always write the same intro for these sorts of posts. So, let’s skip the rambling…here are a few of my fav things from April:




  • Dolce Vite Mules: Put simply, my new fav casual heeled shoes for spring/summer!
  • White Ruffle Bottom Tank: I wore this top 3 times within the first week of owning it. Enough said. (I also have THIS pair, but I have yet to style them. Ideas!?)
  • Target Double Earrings: I had a Kate Spade version of these bad boys, and they broke. Wah wahhhh. So, when I spotted this $7 version at Target, I was all over them! Even if they break, I’m not out that much money, and the cost per wear is insane seeing as I have yet to take them off since I bought them! (Similar  Target styles HERE and HERE)


  • Tresemme Shampoo/Conditioner: There are times I consider shelling out the money for expensive, high-end hair products, because I don’t know…it’s an adult thing to do..? But, I always chicken out. Besides, why go broke buying high-end products, when the stuff from the grocery store works amazingly well! Tresemme has been my go-to lately, and I especially love the smoothing conditioner and the anti-breakage line…10/10!


  • Iced Tea: I typically only drink water, so every once in awhile I get completely bored of it, and switch to something else like PowerAde. All of April however, it was iced tea, and with summer quickly approaching, I don’t see this obsession going away anytime soon.


  • It Ain’t Me, Selena Gomez+Kygo
  • LA Devotee, Panic at the Disco
  • Paris, The Chainsmokers
  • Don’t Wanna Know, Maroon 5