How to Slay Your Sunday

I can’t be the only one that dreads the end of the weekend. Sundays always seem to have this weird aura about them; it’s usually a nice, slow paced day off, but it’s also a day closer to another work week, and I don’t know, it can just be a downer!



Recently, however, I’ve really been trying to make my Sundays (or whatever day before my work week starts…as a nurse my schedule is a bit all over the place!) a really relaxing, but also really productive day. I’ve found that taking the time to get the most out my Sunday, really sets me up for an awesome week.

Hopefully with these tips you can quit dreading the end of the weekend, and start getting super jazzed about a fresh start to an amazing week! YOU GOT THIS!


How To Slay Your Sunday

  • Write Out Your Schedule: Having an organized visual of what to expect in your upcoming week will make it so much easier to prepare for it all!
  • Set Out an Outfit (or 2!): I am always so happy with myself the mornings I have an outfit neatly folded and waiting to be worn. It honestly takes no time to set aside the night before, but it takes that much thought out of your early morning prep time…and who doesn’t like a little more time to get ready! (Or sleep in!)
  • Pack Your Lunch/Meal Prep: Similar to pre-planning outfits, pre-packing your lunch saves valuable morning minutes. Also, I find that if I pack my food ahead of time, I’m more likely to make healthier choices, as opposed to when I’m in a rush and grabbing for a frozen meal.
  • Tidy and Organize: I can’t emphasize enough how much a clean, and organized space sets you up for success. I find that often times when I’m at work, I get distracted thinking about all the tasks I could be doing at home. Use Sunday to complete all your chores, and you will have a clean mind ready to focus on work!
  • Do Something Fun!: SUNDAY FUNDAY! Make sure your last weekend day isn’t all work-you totally need some fun, too! See a movie, grab dinner with friends, hit the mall-whatever it is, do something so that when you start your work week, you don’t feel as though your entire weekend was work as well.
  • Have a Pamper Sesh: Take some time to unwind and prepare yourself for the week ahead! Do a hair treatment, or exfoliate your skin. I know that when I give myself some extra TLC I feel oh so ready to face the week ahead! (It’s amazing what some freshly painted nails, or waxed eyebrows can do!)




  1. Linda D | 25th Jun 17

    Always look forward to reading your blogs. So interesting, informative and so beautifully combined with your pictures.

    • seemollyblog | 25th Jun 17

      Mrs. D your comments ALWAYS make my day! I’m so glad you enjoy my blog, as your support is always so encouraging!

  2. Tabitha | 25th Jun 17

    Ugh, Sundays are the worst!

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