May Favorites: 2017




For once, I can honestly say I didn’t feel like this past month sped by too quickly! Definitely not at all a bad thing, because all too often I begin these posts exclaiming how I can’t believe it’s already the next month. I’m sure June will be a whirlwind with my wedding quickly approaching, but I’ll do my very best to stay in the moment! So, what was I loving in May? Read on to find out!




  • Viktor and Rolf Flower Bomb Roller Ball: I found this in a purse that I hadn’t used in ages (anyone else lose things in bags that are thrown into the depths of your closet!?) and I’m obsessed! I roll this stuff all over myself! Wrists, neck, collarbones, back of my knees…I can’t get enough! Note to self: Order a full size bottle STAT.
  • Essie ‘Pre-Show Jitters’: So, I’m actually not allowed to have my nails painted due to one of my jobs. Believe me, it crushed my soul when I found out because naked, plain nails are just…ugh. Anyways, I’ve been coping by frequently painting my toe nails, and this Essie color has been my go-to! It’s just a super pale pink-white and I ADORE it… I really wish I could paint my nails to match, but it is what it is! #firstworldproblems


  • Zella Leggings: So, call me basic but LuLuLemon makes my fav leggings. They just can’t be beat, they’ve sucked me in, and there’s no going back. Anyways, I don’t always have the cash to support my LuLu addiction, so I turn to Zella. These leggings are much more affordable, and they come in TONS of cute styles. I’ve been loving anything with mesh.
  • Zella Impulse Sports Bras: These are comfy, they breath when you’re work out on, and they’re cute enough to wear outside the gym! That criss-cross back!? I DIE!


  • Pure Barre: It’s been about a month since I started taking Pure Barre classes, and now that I have close to 20 under my belt, I can officially say it’s a permanent part of my routine and I’m in love. (Seriously, I now own 4 pair of sticky socks, a tank, and a hat…and it’s a secret goal of mine to become a teacher haha #yeahrightmolly)
  • Voluspa Candles: I picked these up at the Nordstrom sale last year, and I’m still burning these bad boys. The tins are too cute for words, they smell amazing (and the smell really does fill the room) and they burn evenly. These totally check all of the best-candle-ever boxes! (Saijo Persimmon is like, life changing!)


  • I’m The One, Justin Bieber (Seriously listen to this 10x/day…#noshame)
  • Issues, Julia Michaels
  • The Cure, Lady Gaga