10 Things I Never Travel Without


Although I’m by no means a travel expert, I do love going new places and experiencing new things. I fully intend to do more traveling in these next couple of years, so hopefully I’ll quickly become more seasoned and confident with the whole travel thing, especially where packing is concerned.

Most recently I packed for my honeymoon to Jamaica (still so surreal to think I’m married and went on a honeymoon!). It was a bit tricky because Ted and I wanted to carry on our luggage, so the size of our suitcases was restricted, and I love having as many options as possible for clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. In the end, I was able to pack a week’s worth of outfits and options into 2 carry on pieces of luggage. *shoulder brush*


While I was packing, I was prioritizing the things I had to have, and sort of drafting this post in my head. Here are the 10 things I decided I could NEVER travel without, whether I’m traveling by bus, plane, car, or train, and whether I’m planning on being gone for 2 day or 2 months.


10 Things I Never Travel Without 

  1. Identification: I know this seems like a given, but it’s true- I never travel without it!

  2. Charging accessories: One of my worst traveling nightmares involves getting somewhere thousands of miles away with a phone at 2% and no way to charge it…the horror! I always bring extra charging blocks and cords for all my devices!
  3. Extra Contacts: If you’re blind as bat, like I am, you know it’s the WORST feeling ever when you are forced to wear your glasses everyday on a trip because you lose/run out of/forget your contacts. For that reason, I always bring extra!
  4. Comfy Kicks: As much as I love to be fashionable and cute, sometimes those old beat up sneaks are necessary for long days of walking and/or outdoor activities.
  5. Ziploc Bags: These are SO versatile. I use them for my liquids, and also for some of my dirty clothes.
  6. A Cardigan/Sweatshirt: Planes tend to be pretty cold, so even if I’m headed to a tropical destination I make sure to have something long-sleeved and comfy to wear during the flight.
  7. Entertainment: I have to have something to do a plane otherwise I start to overthink and get a bit anxious…and it’s also super boring just sitting there! I usually bring a book/magazine, my iPad, and a pen and paper…sometimes the best blog post ideas happen a mile high!
  8. Gum: My ears pop horribly on planes, so I always chew gum during the flight. I’m also just a self-proclaimed gum addict, and would chew it even if I were driving somewhere. I also feel like it helps to settle my stomach, so I like to have some in my purse for after meals.
  9. Makeup: Even if it’s a beach vacation, I always bring some makeup in case I need to be glam one day or night! I just rather have it with me, than risk not having anywhere to pick some up.
  10. Extra Space: I do my very best to leave a bit of space in my luggage because 1) stuff is never as easy to pack the second time around and 2) sometimes I end up with more than I started with because, well, shopping happens!

What did I miss!? What are some things you NEVER travel without!?