50 Thoughts I’ve Had During My First 50 Pure Barre Classes

It’s no secret that Pure Barre is a serious passion of mine as of late. I started attending Pure Barre classes back in May (May 9th to be exact!…don’t ask me why I know that haha) and I’ve consistently attended class 3-5 times/week ever since! (If you want to know more about what Pure Barre is like, check out this post of mine!)





There are some milestones within the Pure Barre community, one of them being taking 100 classes. Currently, I’m a little over halfway there, and doing my best not to slow down! In honor of my meeting the halfway mark, I thought it would be sort of fun to give you a peek into my internal monologue during class.





If you’ve taken a barre class, please comment below and let me know if you’ve ever thought similar things…I can’t be alone in some of these!

50 Thoughts I’ve Had During My First 50 Pure Barre Classes

  1. Shoot! I forgot my water bottle.
  2. Ummm, her tank, legging, and sticky sock combo is SO CUTE! I need.
  3. Just walk by the merch, don’t look. Don’t shop, DON’T SHOP!
  4. Do I look as good in my leggings as the teacher does?
  5. I want to wear that head set…
  6. We’re using weights ALREADY?
  7. Why do my arms look so uneven when I bend stretch?
  8. OMG, please tell me I shaved my armpits this morning…
  9. Just one plank, please just ONE PLANK!
  10. Oooo! This lighting makes my ring look BOMB!
  11. Why does 30 seconds in plank time feel like an HOUR regular time??
  12. Oh, good! We’re profiling the bar with our right side! As long as we aren’t pulling off with straight arms…
  13. Okay, sort of looking like a rock star
  14. She’s already shaking?? I want to shake!
  15. I didn’t even need a break that thigh sprint! I’M INVINCIBLE!
  16. “Pull off the bar with straight arms, sink your seat to knee level”…NOOOOO!
  17. I can’t make it!
  18. Maybe I’ll take a break and cancel tomorrow’s class…
  19. I really wish I had my water bottle!
  20. Shouldn’t it be the final 10 by now?
  21. How is that girl NOT breaking form? Is she human?
  22. I’m so getting a coffee. I deserve a coffee!
  23. FINAL 10! Quick! Look like you haven’t taken a break
  24. …I hope no one else can see my sweat ‘stache
  25. Yesssss! A stretch!
  26. My splits aren’t as embarrassing as last class
  27. Can you be good at stretching? I feel like I’m a good stretcher…?
  28. Oh, no…we’re grabbing our tubes and going to the middle of the room
  29. Lying on the ground is always a trap in Pure Barre!
  30. Okay, this form is on point, why isn’t the teacher calling me out!?
  31. SHE CALLED ME OUT! Yesssss!
  32. So, I’m down at least 10 pounds, right??
  33. Why is there two sides of seat!??
  34. I love this song! I’m downloading it when I get home.
  35. Is there a Pure Barre spotify!?
  36. Has anyone ever popped one of these balls?
  37. “Squeeze in, in, in, FREEZE!”…I want to pop one of these balls
  38. Oh thank, GOD! We’re slowing it down a bit
  39. Am I even doing this tuck thing right…?
  40. It burns so good!
  41. Yeah, abs are definitely my favorite
  42. Lower body curls?! Abs, you are NOT my favorite anymore
  43. I think I deserve a new pair of sticky socks…
  44. Another stretch, thank the Pure Barre gods!
  45. Last working section of class…WOOT!
  46. I’m finishing stronger than I started…let’s go!
  47. Pick me to stretch out, pick me!!
  48. 1 more closer to 100!
  49. I can’t wait to come back tomorrow!
  50. Seriously, Molly, walk past the merch!

Photos courtesy of Anastasia Gentry 



  1. Christine Crowthers | 8th Aug 17

    This is on point🙌! I’m dying for laughing!!! Can’t wait to see you at the Barre again!

    • seemollyblog | 8th Aug 17

      Haha glad you liked it! Looking forward to seeing you, too! xoxo

  2. mysweetprettylife | 10th Aug 17

    That is HILARIOUS and I’ve never taken a Pure Barre class (I may have to join you sometime!), but that’s pretty much what goes through my head in a CycleBar class

  3. Joanna | 11th Aug 17

    This is AMAZING and literally the covo I have with myself EVERY class. But you missed one of most reacquiring thoughts….. “Not the water ski! Not the water ski! Oh God this is the end just take me now Jesus.”

    • seemollyblog | 14th Aug 17

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Hahaha true! Maybe I’ll have to do a volume 2…

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