July/August Favorites 2017


I fell off the favorites wagon for a bit, but honestly with the wedding and the honeymoon and getting back in the groove of work-I wasn’t really paying too much attention to what I was loving. Not to worry, though! Favorites are back, and although they are a bit scarce for the months of July and August, these products are BOMB.




  • Merona Loafers: The perfect alternative if you have Gucci taste, but Target dollars! Of all the Gucci Princetown slide dupes, these really are my fav. The buckles are super cute, and not too bulky/flashy, they are incredibly comfortable, and they are less than $25!


  • Simple Micellar Water: I know I’ve talked about the Garnier Micellar Water in the past, and while I still love that, but they didn’t have it in a travel size. That’s how I tried the Simple version in the first place-I needed a travel sized makeup remover to take on my honeymoon. I loved this stuff while I was in Jamaica, and I’ve continued to use it back home! After a 12 hour shift, I love the ease of wetting a cotton pad with this, and knowing all my makeup with be removed. Easy peasy!


  • Candle Lab Custom Candle: For one of the stops during my bachelorette party, my girls and I went to the cutest shop in OTR where you have the option custom make your own candle. You get to choose the scents and the container in which it’s poured and…I’m obsessed with mine. It’s a combination of olive blossom, mug +brush, and teakwood, which makes it musky, with just the right balance of floral notes! Watch out Bath and Body Works! I’m coming for you! haha
  • Apple Watch: So, I’m guessing most brides don’t get Apple watches as their wedding gift, but this one did! Ted was super cute and remembered me saying I wanted one, so he picked out a gold series 2, and I’m loving it! I will have a full review once I’ve had it a bit longer, but seriously you guys…obsessed.
  • Pens: Nerd alert! I love pens. I use them so much at work, and to make all the lists I do, so a good pen is invaluable in my eyes. My favs lately are the Papermate Ink Joy Gel pen, and the Zebra F 301 (sounds like a plane model or something!) The gel pen writes super smooth, and the Zebra is my go to for writing in my planner because it’s so fine!


  • Strip that Down//Liam Payne
  • Body Like a Back Road//Sam Hunt
  • Sorry Not Sorry//Demi Lovato