The Lost Art of Snail Mail

One of the things I wanted more than anything when I was growing up, was for something, specifically a letter, to come for me in the mail. Now, don’t ask me who I was expecting to write me a letter, my brain hadn’t really thought through all of the details and motivations for such a thing to happen, I just knew I wanted a letter. I think deep down, even now, when I fetch the mail I’m still hoping that sandwiched sloppily, and unexpectedly between the bills and desperate pleas for me to sign up for credit cards there will be a letter from someone just wanting to say hey, girl…keep on keeping on!


But, I mean who needs snail mail what with Facebook walls and text messaging, am I right!? Wrong. I’m calling us all out, myself included. I hate that in this world of technology we’re living in, we reduce everything to the simple explanation that it’s faster. I can just post “happy birthday” on their wall and be done with it! If I want to plan something, I don’t need to waste the money on postage sending invitations, I can just make a Facebook event. Why send a random card to say I’m thinking of someone, or to thank them for a thoughtful gift, when I can just shoot them a text saying, “Hey! It’s been awhile”, or “thanks for the gift!”. I want to challenge all of those things, regardless of the fact that yes, sometimes they have a place in our lives.

Taking the time, and let’s be honest it doesn’t even have to be very much time! (It’s a card, not a New York Times Best seller), to actually pen a letter means so much more than taking the virtual and or technological shortcut…and there is often cute stationary involved. HELLO! Cute stationary! What’s not to love!? (I think writing so many thank cards for my wedding has totally made me appreciate stationary!)


So, here’s the challenge: Send at least 3 cards this month, to 3 different people. It could be a birthday card to an aunt, a thank you card for a gift you were given, or a random card to a friend encouraging them through the end of the semester. If you really to get creative and personal, you could even make your own cards! It’s so not hard to do, it gives you an excuse to buy cute stickers and paper, and its actually really addicting.

Let’s bring back the lost art of snail mail! I promise you it will brighten someone’s day.


  1. Bonnie Villari | 6th Sep 17

    Nicely written. I agree that just sending a small note card to say hello will totally brighten someone’s day. So grab a note card and a pen and send some love and joy to a person to make them smile. It just will help make the world a brighter place.

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