Wedding Wednesdays: A Sneak Peek of the Big Day



I’m not even sure where to begin! August 12th was the big day, and all my dreams and expectations were far, far exceeded! Ted and I haven’t gotten all the photos back quite yet, so I thought I’d just write a quick post summarizing the day and giving you a sneak peek of some of the photos we did receive. Don’t you worry, though! Once we get the rest of the photos, I will be doing a comprehensive post of the entire day, and you better believe I’ll be sharing tons, and TONS of photos.


Until then, just know that the day could not have been more perfect!

It didn’t fly by like people warned me it might, I didn’t feel as though I couldn’t talk to everyone that I wanted to, and I definitely didn’t feel as though I didn’t get to enjoy all the reception had to offer.

Everything from the weather to the way the napkins and utensils were presented on the charger plates was absolutely perfect. The weather wasn’t your typical swelteringly hot and humid August-in-Cincinnati weather, my vendors were amazing and totally on their A-game (I mean, can we take a minute to appreciate my mammoth of a bouquet!? Floral skills on point! My flowers were by Janet of Floral Verde), the music was lively, the drinks never stopped flowing, the food was so yummy I still crave it when I think about it (yeah, I could really go for a steak crostini or something off the taco bar right about now), and the outpouring of love and happiness was tangible and overwhelming. (Oh, and the groom was pretty darn handsome as well, but I guess I’m a bit biased! haha)

I thought that I would end this quick recap with some of my favorite moments, which is honestly hard, nearly impossible, to narrow down! Stay tuned for the full run down of the day where I’ll better be able to ramble on and on about every amazing detail!

Some Favorite Moments

  • Getting ready with all of my girls in the morning
  • Seeing Ted for the first time that day (one of tippy top favorite moments! Seeing him felt so…right)
  • Having both my parents walk me down the aisle
  • Saying our vows
  • Our ribbon exit from the church
  • Seeing/talking to everyone at cocktail hour (I’m not kidding when I say that I cried hugging/talking to each and every person that day. I’m a mush ball!)
  • My first dance with Ted (this may have been my absolute favorite moment…)
  • My father/daughter dance with my dad
  • Watching everyone dance and have a good time! (my ultimate goal was for people to enjoy themselves, so seeing everyone party made me so, so happy!)





Wedding photos by Ben Elsass of Ben Elsass Photography



  1. Janice Villari | 6th Sep 17

    Thank you for filling our son’s life with happiness!❤️

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