Apple Watch Series 2 Review

Most of the time I’m fashionably late regarding technology trends. It took every fiber of my stubborn being to make the change from a Motrola Razor flip phone (do you remember those!?) to a more era appropriate iPhone. Likewise, I wasn’t convinced I needed a “smart” watch until I noticed everyone and their mother, brother, sister and cousin sporting one! I had to have one.


I was planning on asking  for one for Christmas, but Christmas came on August 12th when my sweet husband (so fun to say!) surprised me with one as a wedding gift. Perhaps a bit unconventional as wedding gifts go, but so stinking cute of him! (Major brownie points for taking notes and remembering me saying I wanted one, Mr. Villari!)

Ted chose the series 2 watch with a 38mm face in the gold/midnight blue combo (he noted that he chose that color combo because of my love and dedication for Notre Dame football-even more brownie points!), and I immediately wanted to put it on and play around with it. I refrained however, because I wasn’t sure it complimented my Hayley Paige wedding gown in quite the same way my Kendra Scott baubles did.


In the weeks after my wedding, when I did have time to play with it, I quickly fell in love. I thought I’d break my thoughts on the watch down into a couple categories including style and functionality.

My Thoughts on the Apple Watch Series 2

Style: I find the watch super sleek, and chic. When they were first released I found Apple watches to be a bit too masculine and sporty for my style, but honestly, I LOVE how it looks with a variety of outfits. Not to mention, the plethora of band options helps to dress it up or down, and customize its look for any occasion. Currently I only own two bands, one being the navy sport band it came with. I bought a black band shortly after just to have another option, and honestly between those 2 bands I don’t feel as though as I need another anytime soon!

Comfort: I usually forget I even have it on. So in short-yes, it’s comfortable! Again, I only own the sports bands, but the rubber material is comfortable and the band is adjustable. I will say, when first putting it on, it’s a bit awkward. It clasps through and underneath itself and I was convinced I’d have to have Ted help me get it on each time I wanted to wear it, but you get the hang of it, and it gets easier each time you go to put it on.

Functionality: When thinking about functional the watch actually is, it’s important to keep in mind that is just a watch. It’s meant to supplement other devices (phone, tablet, computer, etc), not replace them. That being said, I find it most functional as far as my work out is related. I LOVE the activity tracker, and I don’t think I’ll ever go back to a FitBit again. As far as texting, and calls are concerned, its nice for me to glance down and see who is trying to get ahold of me, but I’d much rather respond on my phone. When I’m work however, and unable to have my phone on my person, I do like that I can at least make sure the messages are nothing urgent. Now, that’s not to say the watch isn’t at all functional as far as texting and calls are concerned. I’ve scribbled fairly wordy messages with my finger, and answered a call talking into my watch like some sort of British spy, so it’s totally do-able! It’s just not nearly as efficient.

Necessity: Could I live without it? Yes, I could definitely live without it, and I would never tell anyone that they needed one. Would I return it now that I have one? Never.

Do you have an Apple watch? What’s your favorite feature?