Pure Barre: My Journey to the 100 Club and 10 Things Barre Has Taught Me About Myself and Life

I remember my first barre class very vividly, from the weather to my outfit. It was May 9th, it was pouring rain, my hair was pulled up in a high, perky ponytail and my head was encircled with a thick grey headband. I was beyond nervous, and determined to blend in with the crowd, but quickly realized that my Nike socks sans sticky dots gave me away for the newbie I was. Despite my shaky planking, awkward stretching, and lack of stamina, at the end of those 55 minutes I was in love, committed even…and determined to look as good in my leggings as the teachers!



Fast forward 7 months and 100 classes later and I’m just as in love, and even more committed-I now work at the studio I attend! For me, barre turned out to be so much more than a work out-it’s a lifestyle, and it’s an amazing community of motivated, strong, determined people who encourage each other.

It hasn’t always been easy to get out of bed in the mornings, or to drag myself to the studio after a day of work, but it’s always been worth it. I still struggle to complete a thigh sprint at times, I don’t always make it to the shake zone, I’m still afraid to try the 3 pound weights, but I know that I’m progressing within myself and improving on an individual level.




I used to always compare myself to the person next to me in the studio-I would compare myself to others in all aspects of life. Barre has taught me that it’s not about the person tucking next to me, it’s about the person staring back at me in the mirror-my work out is my own, and my goals are personal, and individualized. Barre has helped my confidence, and it has helped me prove to myself that I’m capable of more than I think, in and out of the studio.

So, if you haven’t tried Pure Barre, I would highly recommend it! And if you don’t think barre is your thing, I encourage you to find a group work out that is for you! With the new year right around the corner, there is no time like the present!

10 Things Barre Has Taught Me About Myself and Life

  1. I am stronger than I think-physically, and mentally
  2. I  am worth it-the effort, the early mornings, the feeling good after class
  3. I can spend more money on workout clothes than I ever imagined
  4. Never give up, just modify
  5. I can always try harder, and dig deeper
  6. Accomplishments are worth celebrating
  7. Comparing myself to others only holds me back
  8. When I’m open to change, good things happen
  9. The smallest changes can lead to the biggest results
  10. Stay open to new experiences/stick with them-they can lead to awesome opportunities

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