My 27th Birthday


Welp, it happened! Today, I turned 27, and honestly I’m feeling on top of the world. I LOVE birthdays, even if they aren’t my own birthday. They just feel like the ultimate fresh start, even more so than the new year. (Between you and me, January is always my laziest month because I’m exhausted from the holidays, depressed from the dark, gloomy weather, and just not wanting to do a darn thing)

So, for me, February 2nd is the true start of a new chapter, and my chapter has gotten off to a really, really sweet start! On Thursday, my birthday eve, Ted surprised me with a birthday dinner with some of our closest friends, 2 giant rose gold balloons, and a unicorn cake (which was the same flavor of our wedding cake) I mean, are you kidding me!? And yes, of course I cried. Like a baby. Thank goodness everyone was too busy yelling, “SURPRISE!” to get that picture for SnapChat haha


I’m writing this post on my actual birthday, and it’s been fantastic so far. Ted took off work so we could spend the day together. We’ve gotten brunch a cute local diner, gone for ice cream, taken these silly pictures, and are awaiting a steak dinner with my family.

Honestly, I’m feeling so excited, optimistic, and ready to really make things happen this year. I always used to say that I couldn’t wait to see what the next year had in store, but I’m going into my 27th year with a slightly different frame of mind- what do I have in store for this year? I’m not going to wait for opportunities, I’m going to make them! Things aren’t going to come my way, I’m going to run full force in their direction; I am the master of my 27 year old destiny…and I have a lot planned!

So, here’s to chasing my dreams, putting myself out there, becoming more involved at work, pushing my boundaries, doing things that scare me, falling, but always getting back up…here’s to 27! CHEERS!!!



  1. Tabitha | 2nd Feb 18

    Happy birthday!

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